About Me

Kobby is my Ghanaian “day name” because I was born on Tuesday (you can check your day name here too). I graduated from KNUST in Ghana with a bachelor’s degree in Physics and a major in Electronics after which I was a Teaching and Research Assistant for a year. During this time, I met Machine learning and the journey begun.

Currently, I am a student in (AIMS - AMMI), Rwanda and more excitingly part of the first cohort and advised by Michaël Defferrard. I’m mostly interested in Deep Learning, Graph Neural Networks, Causal inference and Machine Learning for Healthcare.

During the Fall Semester, I interned with Marzyeh Ghassemi at the Vector Institute and was part of the ML4H and zgroup groups. I like meeting and keeping professors, collaborators and friends close by. Outside academics and research, I love playing the Bass Guitar and sometimes piano in a band.


03/2020        My paper “Bilateral Trade with Graph Neural Networks” got accepted at the PML4DC
                  workshop co-located with ICLR 2020, Ethiopia.
01/2020        Excited to join (AMMI) once more as a Teaching Assistant from Feb - Aug, 2020
12/2019        Going to NeurIPS in Vancouver, Dec 8 - 14, 2019
12/2019        Giving an invited talk at Google Brain, Toronto
09/2019        I am starting an internship with Marzyeh Ghassemi at the Vector Institute