About Me

Kobby is my Ghanaian “day name” because I was born on Tuesday (you can check your day name here too).

I graduated from KNUST in Ghana with a bachelor’s degree in Physics and a major in Electronics after which I was a Teaching and Research Assistant for a year. During this time, I met Machine learning and the journey begun.

Currently, I am a tutor at (AIMS - AMMI), Rwanda where I had my masters degree in Machine intelligence. I was advised by Michaël Defferrard. I’m mostly interested in Deep Learning, Graph Neural Networks, Causal inference and Machine Learning for Healthcare.

During the Fall Semester, I interned with Marzyeh Ghassemi at the Vector Institute and was part of the ML4H and zgroup groups. I like meeting and keeping professors, collaborators and friends close by. Outside academics and research, I love playing the Bass Guitar and sometimes piano in a band.


I attended ICLR 2020 virtually and presented a poster on Bilateral Trade Modeling with Graph Neural Networks, slides.
I am also super excited I volunteered ( a tiny bit) to make the first fully virtual Machine Learning conference a success

My paper Bilateral Trade Modeling with Graph Neural Networks got accepted at the PML4DC workshop, ICLR 2020, formerly Ethiopia

Excited to join (AMMI) once more as a Teaching Assistant from Feb - Aug, 2020

Going to NeurIPS in Vancouver, Dec 8 - 14, 2019

Giving an invited talk at Google Brain, Toronto

I am starting an internship with Marzyeh Ghassemi at the Vector Institute